Apple Launch Event – iPhone 7 and 8 set to dominate business?

As experimental as last year’s iPhone X may have been, sales of Apple’s flagship certainly proved that two things are here to stay: the all-screen form-factor and the price point. Sadly though, from what we gather from last night’s #AppleLaunchEvent, the iPhone X has already been canned in favour of a new iPhone line-up.

Last night we learned of three new devices: the iPhone XS, XS Max and iPhone XR. We won’t bore you with the techie details of the new additions as much of this is available online, but to summarise, the XS is an upgrade to the X, the XS Max is a larger version of the XS and the XR is a more affordable version of the XS. A bunch of new features include greater security for facial recognition and new 512GB variants for those wishing to verge the half-way point to 1TB of storage – that’s a lot of selfies!

No iPhone 9 though, so if you’ve not yet bought into the all-screen experience, the iPhone 8 is your baby (more to follow).

Ignoring the USD pricing in the above graphic (no wait, Apple don’t care much for the UK/USD exchange rate – so just swap out the dollar sign for a pound sign) you’ll see that Apple are committed to their commercial strategy (who wouldn’t with a capitalisation value of $1TN?). So for those wanting the latest and greatest, there’s more of the same by way of cost.

This leads us on to the real opportunity in the business market: iPhone 8 and iPhone 7. Along with the X, Apple removed the iPhone 6S and SE from their website, leaving the door open for last year’s 8 and the previous year’s 7 to fill the void for sensible options when it comes to mass deployment.

The iPhone 7 has dropped in price to £374.17 (ex VAT) and the iPhone 8 to £499.17 (Ex VAT), meaning we have two new and powerful options for the mid-tier market, with iPhone 7 looking like a solid contender for corporate use.

The reality of this price revision is that businesses can now get there hands on the iPhone 7 from around £17 p/month and the 8 from £22 p/month on a 24 month lease, with tax benefits thrown on top. Pair this with a £15 SIMO and in both cases businesses can get this tech for under £40 per user per month.

Of course, for those punching for the latest X models, businesses can expect to see residual value pricing offered by the likes of Lease Telecom, to make these weighty acquisitions more cost effective.

So, what are your thoughts? Will the iPhone 7 and 8 be a big play for your business?

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