Fraud is on the rise, we’ll help keep you protected

As reported by the UK Government website, “Fraudsters are exploiting the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) in order to carry out fraud and...
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Can a business finance equipment already purchased?

The answer is yes – it’s called Sale & Leaseback. Over the past two weeks Lease Group has seen a significant increase...
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A message from James Phillips, our Group Managing Director

I wanted to extend my thoughts and well wishes to you during this uncertain time. I would also like to lend my...
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Mobile News magazine interviews Lease Group MD, James Phillips

Lease Telecom (part of Lease Group) and Mobile News magazine met to discuss the recent goings-on in the market and how leasing...
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Lease Group introduces Partner Branding

Lease Group, a leader in soft asset vendor finance has introduced a bevvy of new features for it’s Partner Channel, one of...
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How to maximise the resale value of your company’s used mobile phones

In an earlier blog post we revealed why businesses consider mobile phone leasing to be the smarter and more cost effective way...
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