Leasing FAQs

What can I lease?
Who owns the goods at the end of the lease?
How are quotes generated?
Can I see the Partner Portal in action?
Is there a charge for setup?
Is training provided for my team?
How long are quotes valid for?
Can I bundle services into a lease plan?
How quickly can an agreement be put in place?
What is your acceptance rate?
Who takes on the liability?
Can I offer an Interest Free plan to my Client?
Are there any upfront costs?
Who is leasing aimed at?
What's in it for the customer?
What's in it for us?
Do we have to buy our products and services through you?
How and when are we paid?
How are the lease documents signed?
Do I need to hold an FCA license?
What is classed as a non-regulated customer?
Would it not be better for us to work with a bank directly?
Wouldn’t it be better to buy outright?
Isn’t leasing just for businesses that can’t afford to pay cash?
Wouldn’t leasing only be relevant for large acquisitions?
What happens with VAT?
What happens if the equipment becomes faulty?
Does Lease Telecom provide finance for other business assets?