Lease Group introduces Partner Branding

Lease Group, a leader in soft asset vendor finance has introduced a bevvy of new features for it’s Partner Channel, one of...
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How to maximise the resale value of your company’s used mobile phones

In an earlier blog post we revealed why businesses consider mobile phone leasing to be the smarter and more cost effective way...
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CFO 2020 Predictions

CFOs are looking to invest in technology In the last 12 months, CFOs, particularly in the UK, have tightened the purse strings...
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The benefits of digital signatures

Our world is now dominated by talk of a new industrial revolution, one that takes digitalisation and artificial intelligence to new and...
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SMEs spend on telecoms increases 40%

New research by Onecom has revealed SMEs on average spend £2,052 a year on telecommunication services, an increase of as much as...
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Apple lines up three 5G compatible iPhones for release in 2020

Apple is currently the third biggest supplier of smartphone handsets to the international market, but has fallen far behind in the race...
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