5G’s need for neutral hosts, an Operator’s dilemma

A new, digital revolution might be about to hit us. Autonomous cars are driving our way, cities and companies are rapidly ramping...
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Mobile News Q&A with James Phillips

Lease Telecom’s Managing Director, James Phillips, answers key questions from the channel in an interview with Mobile News Magazine. Read the full...
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Why lease mobile phones?

Before the days of sophisticated mobile phones, or ‘smartphones’ as they are now known, the cost of acquiring the latest models rarely...
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IFRS 16 – When is a lease not a lease?

Companies using IFRS accounting standards, which include all listed companies, are now in the process of ensuring that they comply with the...
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The key benefits of leasing telecoms equipment

Telecoms equipment (telephone switchboard, landline telephones, business smartphones etc.) are essential to running a company, whatever its size. For this type of...
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Lease Telecom launches smartphone trade-in service

Lease Telecom, the market’s leading funder of smartphones for business, has launched its device trade-in service, offering £500 cashback per device via...
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